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Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)

NamePhaseAreas of Specialism 
Eleanor AmatoPrimaryEnglish, writing, SPaG and readingClick here for a biography of Eleanor Amato
Naomi BoycePrimaryEnglish and phonics, Whole school development of the Talk for Writing approach and Whole Class Guided ReadingClick here for a biography of Naomi Boyce
Chloe ButcherPrimaryMaths, music, assessment, diminishing differencesClick here for a biography of Chloe Butcher
Emma CooperPrimary, SpecialAutistic Spectrum Disorders, SENClick here for a biography of Emma Cooper
Belinda DeanPrimaryModern Foreign Language
Click here for a biography of Belinda Dean
Matt HensonPrimaryPupils achievement in writing (focus on boys attainment)Click here for a biography of Matt Henson
Victoria LanganPrimaryEnglish and NQT developmentClick here for a biography of Victoria Langan
Matt PerrettPrimaryEYFSClick here for a biography of Matt Perrett
Meg WhitePrimaryPhonics KS1 assessmentsClick here for a biography of Meg White

Quality Assurance

SLEs will be monitored and held accountable for the quality of the support they provide. They will be expected to be able to evidence that their work has had a positive impact.

As a Teaching School, we are responsible for ensuring that the SLEs we have designated are providing high-quality support to others and that this support is having a positive impact. We are also responsible for reviewing the designation of any SLEs whose work does not ensure sufficiently high-quality outcomes.

To identify and monitor appropriate outcomes and impact measures for deployments, we may look at indicators such as:

  • improved examination results
  • improved progress within specific departments
  • improved attendance
  • improved Ofsted evidence
  • improved behaviour/discipline
  • greater progress by individual children
  • reduction in in-school variation
  • closing the achievement gap (particularly in relation to pupils in receipt of free school meals and vulnerable groups)
  • improved quality of teaching and learning
  • Improved team ethos/morale
  • improved development of initial teacher training/newly qualified teachers
  • improved views of parents, governors and others in the community

Before an SLE is deployed there would be a brokerage contract completed to outline specifically what the area of focus is, the agreed duration/scope of the deployment, funding agreement and impact indicators