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Special School Partnership: Denmark

During half-term Alex Davies who is one of the Assistant Principals at Fosse Way School was in Denmark and took the opportunity to visit Fosse Way’s partnership school, SØGÅRDSSKOLEN in Copenhagen. During the visit Alex was able to observe an English lesson and meet the children and discuss their school experience with them.

‘It was fantastic to be able to be in Denmark and see an English lesson being taught to pupils who have similar needs to the pupils at Fosse Way. I couldn’t help but get involved with the lesson and I’m really looking forward to continuing our partnership and seeing how we can strengthen the links between the two schools in order to share best practice.’ – Alex Davies

Alex was also given the opportunity to visit the work experience programme at the local hospital which was set up by Knud Nordentoft, the Principal, after he saw the great work we were doing at Fosse Way.

‘I was so inspired by what I saw at Project Search when I visited Fosse Way, I contacted the local hospital and they were so helpful, within a week we were in negotiations about resources and how the project could run.’ – Knud

Alex, who is new to Fosse Way has worked on international projects before and was really impressed with how each school was learning from each other and using this knowledge to improve the educational experience for their young people.

‘It’s great when you see international partnerships between schools having a direct impact on the outcomes for young people’. – Alex

Fosse Way is planning to continue this partnership and are currently in discussions about how they can use lens based mediums, such as film and SKYPE to work together on more collaborative projects.