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Louise Bombèr

Posted on: 9th October 2018

Louise Michelle Bombèr is qualified as both a specialist teacher, a therapist and a Dyadic Development Psychotherapy certified practitioner. She has worked with individual pupils, classes, whole school settings, local authorities, teachers and support staff across both the primary and secondary phases. She has provided consultations and training for education, social services and health.

Louise and her team offer a range of services supporting children and young people who have experienced significant relational traumas and losses to move towards learned security and recovery.

Louise created the seven-day intensive course, accredited by the University of Brighton, for staff wanting to become Attachment Leads in their schools.

Louise’s work is informed, in the main, by Attachment Theory and Intersubjectivity Theory. As well as having written many articles, she is the author of the very popular book ‘Inside I’m Hurting’, now translated into French and Italian. She also wrote ‘What About Me?’. More recently Louise has written the ‘Attachment Aware Schools Series – Bridging the gap for troubled pupils’ to support schools to create effective small teams around pupils – Team Pupil.

Louise is a strong advocate for attachment aware and trauma informed interventions within education, as at present many pupils who have experienced toxic stress are misunderstood and even excluded from schools.