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Primary CPD

An overview of training relevant to a Primary setting.

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Across the academic year - starting September 18th 2020NQT Induction programme 2020-21Induction programme for NQTs plus mentor training. Includes full day training, half days and twilight sessionsSue Heal
Andy Hind
Naomi Rawlinson
£535 per NQT including registration with the appropriate body

Pay as you go option available on request
Tuesday, October 13th
9.15am to noon
Universal classroom strategies for pupils on the autism spectrum

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This course will support early years and primary settings to develop their knowledge and understanding of ASD and how to provide support at a universal level. This includes promoting key strategies to ensure consistency across all settings in support of the graduated approach.Becca Tranter To be held online via Zoom
Free to all professionals working with children and young adults in B&NES
Friday, November 6th
9.30am to 4pm
Louise Bomber - the Neurodevelop-mental Approach to Supporting Hurting Children in School

We all need to learn the art of regulation. We have pupils in our schools who have experienced toxic stress and have faulty neuroception. We need to be resourced with interventions which calm, and soothe minds and bodiesLouise Bomber£70
To be held online via Zoom
Thursday, November 12th
3.30pm to 5pm
Autism champions primary network

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Help to foster a positive culture towards autism in your setting by becoming an autism champion, We are aiming for every setting in B&NES to have an identified autism champion who can support pupils and their familiesHannah Hobbs and Laura ChardFree to all professionals working with children in B&NES
£30 to others
Online via Zoom
Friday, November 13th
9am to 12.30pm
Supporting SEND in mainstream

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Designed around the EEF's SEN in Mainstream Schools' guidance, this training will support primary and secondary mainstream colleagues by discussing evidence-based recommendations which are easily implemented into both classroom strategies and whole school ethosIian Conley£40
To be held online via Zoom
Tuesday, November 17th
9am to 12.30pm
Positive parental engagement

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This training will support primary and secondary schools to work with parents - particularly those from disadvantaged homes. The course offers four actionable recommendations which will support an evidence-informed approach and raise positive parental engagement Iian Conley£40
To be held online via Zoom
Wednesday, February 3rd
4pm to 5.30pm
An introduction to
This course will look at the strengths and weaknesses
associated with the condition as well as definitions and early
indicators. It will also look at
effective ways to meet the needs of children with dyslexia.
Tim Carter and Caroline Ford£30
Online via Zoom
Wednesday, April 28th
4pm to 5.30pm
Working with a child with dyslexia: assessment and interventionThis will look at a number of assessments that can be
administered to develop a more precise understanding of a pupils language difficulties and to inform the diagnostic process.
Tim Carter and Caroline Ford£30
Online via Zoom